Gait analysis

Gait analysis looks at a person’s pattern or style of walking and/or running. It is used to diagnose posture-related or movement-related problems and enable effective treatment. It can also used to help atheletes run with a more efficient gait, both in terms of injury prevention and efficiency.

2D gait scan
A 2D gait analysis

Having invested in state of the art pressure analysis equipment, Chris incorporates using this into his musculo-skeletal assessent. This offers a detailed insight into an individuals pattern of gait which can be shared with the patient(As a picture paints a thousand words, and most people are ‘visual learners’, this is helpful when most of us are overloaded with explanations every day.) Having the force/pressure plate is a very useful tool to back-up what we ‘think’ we are seeing when we do biomechanical assessments. This because the technology can record and process up to 500x per second- way faster than the human eye is able to process.

Chris uses a 1 metre plate as this tends to capture most individuals ‘natural’stride length. This system is useful when investigating conditions such as pain in the big toe joint, metatarsal pain, shin splints, ankle instability, plantar fasciitis / heel pain, knee pain, hip pain and  asymmetrical pain due to a difference in leg length . It can also produce a pressure map of the foot which is of great use in the design of insoles for people with medical conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.