Podiatry or chiropody?

Feet on beach

What is podiatry?

Podiatry literally translates from the Greek as ‘therapy of the feet’. It is an allied health profession that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the foot and ankle which may also impact on the knee, hip and back.

Podiatry complaints range from in-grown toenails and verruca to plantar fascial-heel pain, tendonitis and problems associated with fallen arches.

Treatment is tailored to the individual and their specific needs and may include exercise/stretching advice, footwear guidance, acupunture, minor surgery or the provision of custom-made orthotics.

What is chiropody?

Chiropody covers foot ailments which include corns, callous, verrucae and in-grown toenails. Podiatry also includes biomechanical conditions such as fallen arches, ankle pain, heel pain, knee pain and other lower limb symptoms.

Whether you are looking for a podiatrist or chiropodist, Chris Schafer can help you.